Schengen, The Historical Town of EU

1619195_10202814978708081_6329917301108490641_nSchengen is a named of a town in Luxembourg. Once we arrived in this town, honestly we found nothing special of its architecture or building. So how come it became the inspiration for no boundary treaty within Europe?

Benelux (Belgium, Nederland, Luxembourg) are the forerunner of how integration of custom and cooperation happen in Europe since 1944. Later on 1951, together with Germany, France and Italy, they formed European Coal and Steel Community. Then, we can see it as a formed transferred into European Union in nowadays.

Schengen town is located in the border of Luxembourg (Benelux), Germany and France. So that it is a perfect location for signed an integration of custom’s treaty. The other interesting thing is that the treaty was signed in a Boat! The boat that sailing in De Mosselle, river of three country and landed in Schengen.

“So that we can travel around Europe without worry of immigration and custom on each borders”, Zegt mijn schat 🙂

Thank you Schengen! 🙂

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